4 reasons to take up career counselling for students


Career counselling for students is just like a doctor’s consultation, you might know what the problem is, but the best advice can only be given by the professionals. Career counsellor is a professional who helps the student to understand his/her interests, motivations and skills. It is only a career counsellor who can help the student to rationally understand his personality and get self-exploration. Exploring oneself is one of the most important parts of making the career decision. The more one knows about oneself, the better the decision gets. 

Almost all students are confused when it comes to what they want to do in life. The degree of confusion might differ from student to student, but some level of confusion does lie with each student. If you find yourself in any of the following situations, then you need to take up career counselling for students right now and meet a professional career counsellor. 

Changing Goals Multiple times

 It is considered very normal to be confused between two or more careers which are drawn from the same field. But there are students who are repeatedly changing the field they wish to choose. For eg, a student who wishes to get into B. Tech Computer Science, it is okay for him to be confused between taking up the career of an ethical hacker or coder, because both the careers require the same course and it can be thought about gradually as he gets to know the fields while studying the course. But a student needs a career counsellor when he is liking more than one course or field that he/she should enter. A career counsellor will analyse his/her aptitude and personality, will conduct scientific assessment on the child and understand his/her requirements. According to all these, the career counsellor will conduct a session for the student explaining to him all about the possible and most suitable career options available for him. 

Career counsellors hold career counselling for students who are confused about anything about their careers.

Lack of Awareness

A lot of students do know what course to do, but don’t know where to do it from. The right institute can build or break what opportunities you receive in your career. It is a very general problem that the students target only the few universities and colleges that are known to them and their closed ones. Because of which they miss out on prospective institutes they might have had chances of getting into. But, Career counselling for students can make them aware about all options that are available for them. A career counsellor is a professional who is aware about the new and upcoming universities and colleges. Career counsellors are updated about the admission procedure, the eligibility criteria, exams to be taken, placement record and ranking of colleges and institutions. Hence, career counselling for students can help them the best in discovering the colleges/ universities they might have not thought of and would have missed them just because of lack of awareness. 

Unclear Mind and Choosing a Random Course

A common practice of a major chunk of students has been noticed that because of being unclear, they take up any random course which attracts their conscience at that time. For example, a science student would take up a Bachelor of technology or B.C.A., a commerce student might take up or CA. When the students are unfocussed, they tend to take the commonly followed route of career without putting in a thought if the course would be suitable to him/her or not. A career chosen like this might land the child in a bigger confusion and a messy career. The best thing to do in situations like these is take career counselling for students. A career counsellor is the one professionally trained to understand a student’s personality and suggest the best career option for the student. 

Unsure of the future scope

It is all about the changing trends when it comes to employment and jobs. As years pass, job trends change according to the need of the hour. It can be difficult for the students to keep up with the market expectations and forecast what would be the scope of the career option or course they wish to opt for. Job market trends vary according to the industry. One needs to understand the type of industry he/she is targeting because the competition changes according to the industry. It can be difficult for a student to understand the changing scope and trends of the job market. Already occupied with a lot of study to be done, students don’t have the time to perform research on what would be the scope of the different courses. Hence, a career counsellor is the best person to help you here. A career counsellor is someone who follows the job trends and helps students to understand the scope of the course they wish to take up. 

The whole process of choosing which career is the best, which would be the most suitable and which career has the most scope, can be difficult for a student and the parent. Generally due to occupied schedules and busy life, students and parents invest the least time and energy in these decisions. Whereas this is one decision which makes or breaks the future years of the child. We understand it can be difficult to make this decision, but it can be made very easy by taking help from the professionals. A career counsellor is an expert who can help you. Taking up career counselling for students at EDU-Wiki,will help the students to best understand their potential course and career. EDU-Wiki, who are the best career counsellors in delhi-ncr are available for career counselling both online and offline. To book career counselling for students call on 8218867788 or visit

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