5 Steps to how to choose a career for yourself


Career Decision is an extremely important decision which one has to make in life. But the question is how to decide ‘how to choose a career’. According to the general trends, students tend to make decisions on the basis of ongoing trends, taking suggestions of uninformed people, comparing oneself with others and various other parameters. But, when the struggles and consequences of such a career decision appear, people regret taking the wrong career decision. This has been the case with a majority of students. To avoid a mistake like this, follow these steps to make the right career choice.

  1. Analyse your Interests

When we ask students what their interests are, most of them are not sure about what their interests actually are. This is a question students do not think much about. It needs a lot more importance in order to make the right career choice.

Understanding your interests needs more importance, when making the career decision. Your Interests can directly affect your performance in the career that you have chosen. If the career is interest-based, it will push and motivate you to perform better and better each day. If your career is based on your interests, it will boost your motivation every day. A career /work/ profession can be an unhappy one if your interests are not present in it. Hence, whenever you are looking for an answer to the question, ‘ how to choose a career for myself ’, analyse your interests first. 

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  • Evaluate your skills and abilities

The second most important point has to be the skills and abilities. The skills and abilities help you to perform better in your career. One can simply understand skills and abilities as tools which aid your performance professionally.  

As per the new hiring trends seen these days, recruiters don’t focus much on your academics or your degrees but on your skill sets. Different professions need a different set of skills for one to perform in. These skills are nothing but a number of skills like-

  • Numerical skills
  • Logical & analytical skills
  • Verbal skills
  • Organisational skills
  • Spatial and visualisation skills
  • Mechanical skills
  • Leadership and decision-making skills
  • People skills

And many more

Evaluating the skills and abilities you have and how to make them better has to be done regularly. 

At the time of thinking how to choose a career it is crucial  to calculate what is your skill set and what skills are demanded by the profession you are thinking about.

  • Understand the existing competition & determine your current situation

Another important contributor to how to choose a career question is understanding the job market and its trends. The job market changes regularly. It keeps changing the demands it has from the candidates who are interested to work. Job market trends vary according to the industry. One needs to understand the type of industry he/she is targeting because the competition changes according to the industry. As times grow, the competition increases in the companies/industries which are more in demand. 

After you know about the competition in the market, it is now time to compare your current situation in the market with the existing competition. Understanding this will help you analyse where do you stand currently and it will help you make a career decision accordingly. This would help you set realistic goals and understand the areas of improvement to achieve that goal.

It can be difficult for a common man to understand the changing scope and trends of the job market. It is always suggested to reach out to professionals for a better evaluation of your current situation in the job market. A career coach and expert can help you. Take up a career counselling session at EDU-Wiki, who are the best career counsellors in delhi-ncr.

  • Calculate all available options and their scope

Now that you are aware of your interests, skills & abilities, job market trends and your current situation, it is now time to put all these together and determine the best career options. The answer to the question of how to choose a career should be made by giving equal importance to all these. It has to be a very calculative decision. Making a calculative decision will reduce the risks of failure and unsuitability because you have given equal importance to all the factors which are significant in making the choice. 

After you have all the available options, create a plan showing the journey to reach the final destination. The plan should include the exams to appear for, colleges to apply for (in order of preference), internships, specialisations and other requirements. Create this plan for multiple career options. Now all these plans are suitable and interesting for you. 

  • Make the decision and work for it

Now is the time to make the decision. From the various options/plans you have made; you have to cross check the requirements of the colleges/exams and accordingly make the decision. Sometimes particular professions /careers /courses have basic eligibility criteria for percentage, age, subject combination, domicile and many more. Whichever plan fulfils all these requirements, just go for it. Following a very calculative and rational methodology, you have now built a great career plan. This plan can be completely trusted upon and all it needs is your dedication and hard work. It will do it all.

After you have started in a particular direction, always remember that as one gets exposed to new opportunities, possibilities and chances, there is a scope of change in interests. New exposures might develop new interests in you and expect you one to learn new skills for it. Don’t be rigid to follow the decided path, rather accept new and changing trends and upskill yourself. 

The whole planning can be a long process and overwhelming, it can be made very easy by taking help from the professionals. A career coach and expert can help you. Take up a career counselling session at EDU-Wiki, who are the best career counsellors in delhi-ncr.

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