I was self-conflicting when my 10th results were out.

I had to choose my stream. I wanted to pursue arts because of my inclination towards painting. My work was recognized and I was awarded at many events held in my school and various competitive platforms.

Both of my parents are doctors and they wanted me to pursue medicine but I was in complete dissonance. My parents consulted many counselling platforms but failed to conclude, then they discovered Edu-Wiki, and after a personal interview and series of evaluations, I was made aware of the difference between hobbies and career choices, I didn’t have to give up my hobby to pursue a career. I was relieved to know this and filled up my stream selection with biology as my preference.

I exceeded everyone’s expectations by securing the highest marks in the 12th board exams in all the sections.

I’m proud of my accomplishment and I thank Mr. Sharma from Edu-Wiki who has been a constant support throughout, I give him the credit for my success and admission into MBBS from a prestigious university.

Team of dedicated experts/counsellors help to identify your unique strengths, weaknesses & interests and recommend the right career choice with detailed career development plan

        Abhinav Nehra

                    Topper – Modern School, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi
                 Pursuing M.B.B.S. from top ranked university