about us

Edu-Wiki is an educational advisory platform. We have Sterling career experts to assess the needs of the students and help them make an informed decision for their career and educational needs. Using scientific tools and modern assessment techniques we discover the areas where the true interests, strengths, and potential of the student lie. Based on this we then determine the career avenues most suitable for them using the career report’s prognoses.

A recent survey on career option awareness among Indian students has revealed that a staggering 93% of the students aged 14 to 21 were aware of just seven career options though there are more than 250 different types of job options available in India.

Edu-Wiki has identified this alarming need of having a continuous and comprehensive mentorship programme to handhold studentsthroughout their educational journey, keep them informed about the novel, liberal and creativity-based fields and hence open their eyes to plethora of choices available today.

Our seasoned mentors take a step forward in helping parents understand the need to move beyond the conventional courses, teach them to support their children in their career planning process, and make them unlearn certain misconceptions surrounding variouseducational courses.