Why Career counselling is important for 11th & 12th Students

After a student has chosen a stream of 11th and 12th standard, he/she has to now prepare for the one of the most important decisions which is choosing his career and his/her courses, college. Career counselling will help students understand their real-inner self. They would be able to relate skills required in particular professions to the skills possessed by them. Career counselling is a scientific way to analyse the best suited career prospects and create for students a personalized career plan with understanding one’s career interests, personality, aptitude and career motivations.

How Career Counselling Helps

  • Personality Assessment
  • Course Selection
  • College Exploration
  • Stay Updated

Understanding your Skills & Abilities

Choose from a plethora of Courses

Explore New Colleges & Universities

Information on Dates, Admission, Eligibility and Exam

Pick the module that suits you

Services Basic Module Advance Module Mentorship Module
5 Dimensional highly accurate Career Assessment.
32+ pages Comprehensive Career Report with the detailed execution plan
No. of Online/Offline Counselling Sessions with Experienced & Certified Counselor
Academic Performance Tracker
Monthly/Quarterly interaction of students students & parents with mentor
Dedicated Mentor
Admissions Support
Get firsthand information and campus updates of colleges and universities by our Campus Ambassadors studying at educational institutes across the country
Career workshops/ webinars by experts of various fields
Assistance through alumni interaction sessions (IIT’s, IIM’s, recognized institutes nationwide
Monthly Newsletter
Career Library
Informatory platform for notification /latest news on various courses & colleges

Your steps to a Brilliant Career

How we hand hold you and take you through 


Understanding your and parent's expectations and concerns.


5 dimensional career assessment test to know the personality, career interest, top career clusters and your career path .


A 32-page report is generated and analyzed to prepare the best career path for you.


A one on one session with our expert mentors to choose the best career avenue and plan everything.


Working on the planned path and guidance at every step to help you achieve your goal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simplifying, a psychometric test is test scientifically created to know your personality and aptitude. Psychometric test at EDU-Wiki is a 5-dimensional test which assess your career personality, your learning styles, your skills and abilities, your career motivator and your top career clusters. Bringing together the results of these tests, your top suitable career paths are derived.

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You are late, but not too late. Ideally, by 11th class you should have planned everything but you can still explore options and find out the course and career that would be the best for you. Different personalities support different courses and careers, it is important to know yours. Even after if you have already chosen the stream, what course to take in under graduation is the next big decision that you have to take. This decision has to be taken very wisely as your career as a whole depends upon what do study now.

Even If you know your career path, knowing all colleges and universities, their admission process, the important dates and everything might be a struggle with the parents and students. We sort that out for you. Our informatory platform helps you through with this so that you don’t miss out on any information.