It is never too early to decide what you want to do in life. When at an early stage in life, students start discovering their personality, they develop as a whole. Knowing your Strengths, Weaknesses, Skills & Abilities can help you improve your limitations and enhance your strengths. Hence, getting your hands on your personality type, your learning style and your interest in early classes can result in making your career decision smoother and better.

services Edu-wiki provides to students of

Class 6th-8th

Career Analysis for 6th to 8th Class

An analysis which will give you an idea  of  how can you plan your future years. The important decision of stream or  course selection can be thought upon and goals can be set.

Learning Style Test

Low grades in particular subjects can sometimes be because of not knowing your learning style. If learning is done in a style that your mind likes the most, great results can be achieved.

Personality Assessment

Knowing a child’s strengths, aptitude, skills, and abilities can be very helpful at this stage. In these years it is easy for children to change and adapt to new skills. The children can be made future-ready by teaching them new and updated skills so that they are ready to face the world when they step out of school.

Academic Performance Tracker

 We track our performance only at the end of the session via our results. Edu-Wiki has the solution to it. The performance can be tracked via an AI based practice platform where a student can  practice individual concepts  A monthly performance chart is generated here. which can be used to improve the limitations.