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Why Career Counselling is Important for

9th & 10th Students

9th and 10th standard students are young to understand and analyse what their future can be like. Hence, when it comes to deciding their stream/subject combinations, parent’s choices, peer suggestions or slight liking towards a particular subject can drive their decision. Career guidance for 10th students will actually help the student analyse his/her strengths and weaknesses. It will provide the best solution and guidance to help decide which subjects and streams would be the best suitable to the student.

Process of Career Counselling
  • Scientific Assessment Test to Evaluate your Personality and Aptitude
  • Report Analysis to Understand Your Strengths,Limitations,skills & most suitable stream.
  • Get expert Career Guidance to choose the most suitable stream for your career and discuss the further road map.

Read what Anitesh has to say!

I have been a bright student always. But choosing my stream was always confusing for me. My parents hadn’t ever pressurised me to opt for a stream of their choice. But I didn’t find myself confident enough to decide by myself. It was then when a friend suggested me to take counselling from EDU-Wiki. They conducted a test of mine. After that, in the counselling session they told me & my parents all about my skills, strengths and what were my areas of improvement. They showed me which stream is matching my personality more and after a whole discussion between all of us, we decided on a stream for me, which I must say was the best decision I took.

Student at Siddharth International Public School

Areas of focus in a Counselling Session

Frequently Asked Questions

Every student in his IX or X std is confused about which stream to choose. Under this confusion, it is highly likely that the stream selection decision is done on the basis of suggestions from parents/ teachers, influence from friends or on the basis of academic score. The suitability of such a decision may not be reliable. Deciding according to the aptitude and personality of a child is really important.

Your strengths, weaknesses, aptitude and personality will be discussed, accompanying which a comprehensive career road would be suggested to you. As you are yet in your X std, a view of what courses and college may work for you will be discussed. Under the situation where a highly suitable course/college is chosen, the preparations for that will be discussed, so that suitable steps are taken from the right time. 

No, there is no need to prepare for the Assessment. It is not a test of your knowledge. It is neither a "test" nor a "quiz" from any of your academic classes. However, it is strongly recommended that one should undertake this assessment when in an absolute calm and relaxed state of mind.