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Have you heard about the concept of liberal arts?  No? let us take you through the whole journey of why is it needed and how and where to study liberal arts.

As we know, Undergraduate courses make one of the most important parts of a student’s learning journey. It is while pursuing this course, that the student’s understand the subject and get a deeper insight of the line that they have chosen for themselves. The course acts as a basic pre-requisite for anyone to enter the career of their choice. Very instinctively, everyone wishes to choose the best course for themselves. Generally, this choice is made by the students themselves, though they are guided by multiple informed and uninformed sources.

Note- choosing a career has to be one of the most important decisions which one takes. It is unjustifiable to take such a decision by not giving it a logical angle of thought. The decision would be the best fit for you when it involves planning and counselling by professionals. For the best career counselling in delhi-ncr contact EDU-Wiki. Call on 8218867788 or email on

The major reason why students choose particular courses is the exposure they got in their higher secondary classes in particular subjects. Sometimes students might like a few subjects and believe that this what they wish to pursue as a career. But it is undeniable that the curriculum one studies in in school is very different from the course structure one has to go through in undergraduate level. Due to lag in both, the cases of student dis-satisfaction and drop-outs increased.

Can’t see a solution for it? Do you wish you could customise a degree for yourself, study multiple subjects and then decide what would be the best for you? Can this happen?

Yes, it is a possibility now!!

liberal arts

What is a Liberal Arts Degree?

A liberal arts degree is where a student has the advantage to choose subjects on the basis of his/her interests, career plans and explore more. Unlike regular courses which focus more on theoretical knowledge gaining, liberals arts education provides more exposure towards real life skills, soft skills, overall growth of the personality, critical thinking, problem solving and many more with the traditional knowledge that regular degrees provide.

A Liberal arts degree enables effective communication, teamwork and innovation. By studying a liberal arts course, you get an opportunity to study various majors together and get to know the subject & its scope better at a higher level. From here you can decide which subject to actually make a career in. Not too many, but there are a few god universities in our country which provide liberals arts education. Written under are one of the best colleges to study liberal arts.

ASHOKA UNIVERSITY Ashoka University comes among the top of the list where Liberal Arts and Sciences education is provided. Ashoka University provides a holistic education that is liberal, multidisciplinary, and interdisciplinary. It offers a diverse and inclusive space for its students to think deeply, learn across disciplinary boundaries, express themselves creatively, and communicate.


The University offers Undergraduate Programmes, Graduate Programmes, Ph.D. Programmes. At undergraduate level the university provides BA/ B.Sc degrees. In the course of 3 years, a student has to accumulate 100 credits- 9 Foundation Courses, 12 Major Courses, 2 Co-Curricular Courses & Other (Elective, Minor, Concentration). It seems to be such an interesting course line.


Ashoka University’s admissions process is inclusive and has a strong focus on the student’s level of engagement with their academics, extra-curricular activities, interests.

 To know more about Ashoka University, click on the link below.


Krea University is a liberal arts and sciences, private university located in Sricity, Andhra Pradesh. The university aims at providing a Liberal arts education to the students where they can explore their real-interests via studying interdisciplinary subject combinations. At Undergraduate Level, Krea provides B.A / – a 3-year degree course/ 3+1 year course by taking an add-on major project. 

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