Education in India has always been imparted by following indistinguishable patterns. Each succeeding year has seen more or less the same pedagogy and methodology of teaching. Moving from middle school to university level education, the same patterns have been adapted. The senior educationists in India felt the need for a massive change in the education system to incur better knowledge and skills. Just then, The NEP (New Education Policy) was announced in the country. It broke many set trends and offered a more holistic education system to the students in India.

These were changes brought at the level of school education, but the universities still needed to change the old-school ways of teaching. There are some new upcoming universities in India, who cater to this. These have come up with a new & different pattern of offering education and admissions. Here, merely having high merit wouldn’t help the student, but an overall development of his/her personality & skills is important too.

Given below are few universities, which offer unique degrees and have equally unique bars set for the child. 


Ashoka University comes among the top of the list of new upcoming universities in India (Sonipat) where Liberal Arts and Sciences education enables effective communication, teamwork, and innovation. Ashoka University provides a holistic education that is liberal, multidisciplinary, and interdisciplinary. It offers a diverse and inclusive space for its students to think deeply, learn across disciplinary boundaries, express themselves creatively, and communicate. 


The University offers Undergraduate Programmes, Graduate Programmes, Ph.D. Programmes. At undergraduate level the university provides BA/ B.Sc. degrees which are typically known as Liberal Arts Degrees. In the course of 3 years, a student has to accumulate 100 credits- 9 Foundation Courses, 12 Major Courses, 2 Co-Curricular Courses & Other (Elective, Minor, Concentration). It seems to be such an interesting course line. A degree you can customise for yourself. Also, if you wish to add another major to your degree, you can add another year and complete it.

Important note- 

What is a Liberal Arts Degree?

A degree where a student has the advantage to choose subjects on the basis of his/her interests, career plans and explore more. Unlike regular courses which focus more on theoretical knowledge gaining, liberals arts education provides more exposure towards real life skills, soft skills, overall growth of the personality, critical thinking, problem solving and many more with the traditional knowledge that regular degrees provide.


Ashoka University’s admissions process is inclusive and has a strong focus on the student’s level of engagement with their academics, extra-curricular activities, interests. 


Plaksha University is one of the best new upcoming universities in India with a vision to nurture the next generation of leaders by developing the necessary technical depth and gaining cross disciplinary knowledge of arts and social sciences. Located in Mohali, Punjab, India. It has been set up by a global community of entrepreneurs, business leaders and academicians to reimagine technology education and research.


The university provides undergraduate, masters and PhD programs. On the UG level it has B. tech in various specialisations like CS&AI, Robotics, biological systems engineering to name a few. 

The admission process at Plaksha University is a four-step process 

  1. Application form

Application Form Requirements are as follow

Standardised Test Scores

Academic scores: Grades 9, 10, 11 and 12 marks (where available)

Written or video essays

Extracurricular activities, achievements and creative projects

Leadership roles

Sports-related achievements

2. Virtual Interaction

3. Need based-scholarship

4. Final Decision

To all the students looking for technical education in our country, Plaskha is an unavoidable option. One must visit the university and then make a decision for admission in the university. 


Krea University is a liberal arts and sciences, private university located in Sricity, Andhra Pradesh. The university aims at providing a Liberal Education platform to the students where they can explore their real-interests via studying interdisciplinary subject combinations. Programs at Krea University encourage creativity, critical thinking, communication, real-world implementation, and the ability to negotiate unanswered questions.


At Undergraduate Level, Krea provides B.A / – a 3-year degree course/ 3+1 year course by taking an add-on major project. 

Subject combinations offered by the university are divided under-

Division of Humanities and Social Sciences like

Economics, Social Studies, Politics & History etc.

Division of Sciences like

Biological Sciences, Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Psychology etc

Division of Literature and the Arts like

Global Arts, Literature, Literature and Arts.


It consists of two stages,

Stage 1-

1.    Submission of the application form

2.    Shortlisting for Krea Immersive Case (KIC)

3.    Financial Assistance Application opens

Stage 2 – Krea Immersive Case (KIC)

 The Krea Immersive Case consists of:

1.   Case study presentation: Our faculty present the case for the students in the KIC. These cases usually highlight an ongoing or relevant topic for the applicants. The cases encourage students to understand the various perspectives mentioned in the case study. 

2.   Reflection essays: Applicants reflect on the case study by writing about their perspective of the case study.

3.   Group Discussion and Presentation: Applicants work in groups to deliberate and provide approaches that could resolve issues encountered in the case study and make a presentation to a panel comprising faculty and admissions team members.

4.   Conversations: Applicants engage in conversations with a panel comprising faculty and admissions team members.

The decision is given on the basis of a combination of results of both stages.


An institute of great eminence, one of the best new upcoming universities in India. Flame University is one university which provides the best liberal education courses in our country. Being a massive green campus spread over 60 acres of land, Flame University is situated in Pune. The major vision of the university is to provide an overall growth to the students and make them realise their element. They majorly focus on creativity, self-discovery, and innovation, by shaping careers, minds, and life in a symbiotic and collaborative environment


Undergraduate courses at Flame University are offered in 3-year and 4-year programs. The final nomenclature of the degree depends upon the major the student opts to take in his course. All courses are to be tailor-made by the student. The university offers more than 24 majors and various minors to choose from. There are around 350 major-minor combinations that can be made from the offerings of Flame University. 


  1. Register on the FLAME University website

2. Apply to FLAME University

After your registration with Flame university, you now need to apply. An entrance examination is mandatory to get into flame. The in-house exam of Flame University, FLAME Entrance Aptitude Test (FEAT) can be taken if you don’t have SAT/ACT Scores. A preference has to be made for which entrance will be taken. 

Except for this the application consists of your basic details, educational qualifications, extra-curricular activities/achievements, statement of purpose and scanned documents followed by payment of fees. 

3. FLAME Entrance Aptitude Test (FEAT), Essay and Online Personal Interview

After submission of the application, a screening round takes place, all candidates shortlisted are then informed about their FEAT date, essay and interview schedule. 

4. Selection and declaration of result.


Shiv Nadar University was founded by Shiv Nadar, the Founder of HCL Enterprise. It has campuses in Delhi-NCR and Chennai. This university is a multidisciplinary, research-focused, and student-centric University offering a range of academic programs at the undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral level. With an outstanding infrastructure, it comprises various academic wings, labs, international standard sports facilities, amphitheatres, smart classrooms and great placement partners.


It provides a wide range of undergraduate programs under the following schools of education.

School Of Engineering

School Of Humanities & Social Sciences

School Of Natural Sciences

School Of Management & Entrepreneurship


Shiv Nadar University provides admission in its programs from various routes. According to the suitability of the students, they can choose the route they want to follow to get into the university.  

  1. Apply Through SAT (College Board) Scores
  2. Apply Through ACT scores
  3. Apply Through SNUSAT and APT (Online or Physical Pearson Vue Centre)
  4. Apply Through JEE Mains (2021 & 2022) Scores

Shiv Nadar is one the best new upcoming universities in india. For a modern approach and new type of learning, one should apply to this university.

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