I was a promising student, always worked hard, and did well in exams, I was driven by good grades. The need to choose a career for me was not much of a concern as my father wanted me to work along with him in his confectionery and I was contented with it.

 Who doesn’t like to be surrounded by candies and chocolates?

But somewhere deep down I wanted to learn more academically but couldn’t share the thought with my father as he was determined to make me join his business.

Until one fine day, a week past my 12th examinations result a reputable gentleman from our neighbourhood walked into the confectionery, we exchanged greetings and He Congratulated me for scoring 95% in my boards.

He then asked me about my plans and I stood there with no answers, it was only because of his convincing words that my father considered for the very first time to not involve me in our family business and let me pursue something different.

This person influenced my life and altered its course for the best, I guess I was very lucky, it is the right guidance that helps an aspirant make informed decisions for their career.

I’m thankful to Mr. Sharma for pointing me in the right direction, today I’m successful in my profession only because of the right mentorship and expert guidance that I received.

His venture Edu-Wiki will be a much-needed help to all the students with conflicting thoughts about their careers.

Support & Guidance helps you to get admission in various prestigious Colleges & Universities

Shivam Gupta

All India Rank – 19TH IN GATE EXAM 2017

Currently working with NPCIL (Nuclear Power Corporation of India)