The ninth grade can be a confusing time for most students.  It is at this point that students have to decide on their choice of subjects, which carry forward into their Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Grade. Having clarity about choosing the right subjects is essential to avoid any regrets in the coming years. 

How do you know that your children are making informed decisions? Are they choosing subjects based on their strengths and interests? Are they giving into peer pressure? Are they even aware of all the options they have in front of them? Career counselling is a simple and effective way to give clarity to students. It helps them formulate a path ahead and gives parents and caregivers a definitive idea about how their children can excel. In a few situations, children might have a concrete idea about what they want to do. However, in most situations, children are confused and do not understand what is right for them. Here are 5 clear signs that your child requires career counselling. 

1. No Concrete Idea About Picking the Right Stream

Science, Commerce or Humanities is a question that holds more weight than anything else in this country. What is your child supposed to choose? In the ninth grade, most children do not have much idea about the benefits of these two streams. 

This is where a good counsellor can make a difference. Based on the strengths and interests of students a career counsellor can guide them towards picking the right stream and also focus on the right career path ahead.  For example, if a child is interested in math and music, a career counsellor can guide him/her towards the right stream so that he/she can effectively implement both interests and strengths. 

2. Not Sure About Their Strengths /Limitations

Children do not consider their strengths when choosing their career paths. It is important to remember that just because a certain career path looks promising and others you know have excelled in it does not mean that you will as well. Giving you clarity about your strengths and weaknesses is how career counselling helps you. 

Career counsellors will recommend psychometric tests specifically designed for students. These non-academic tests allow counsellors to assess the strengths and weaknesses of students. Based on the test results, students gain more clarity about their strengths and are able to make informed, career-oriented decisions. 

3. Unsure About The Scope Of Different Subjects

Knowing the scope of your syllabus is fine, however, students need to have an idea about what their future holds. If students are to dedicate years studying a subject, they should know what they are in for and if it is worth it at all. A career counsellor can guide students by giving them an informed insight into their choice of subjects and the complete scope of it. 

4. Confused About The Right Career Choice Post The 12th Standard

Everybody is not cut out to be everything in life. Sometimes the best decisions are about letting things go. In this case, your subject combination. Due to the mass preference towards science subjects in this country, a lot of students enrol and take up a combination of science subjects for their 12th standard without evaluating their interests and strengths. These situations end up being very stressful for the students. It is exactly for this reason that a career counsellor can make your life easier. By making you focus on your strengths and interests, a career counsellor can guide you towards the stream in which you shine. This choice might even be made post your 12th board exams. 

5. Unsure About Your Career Path After College

It is never too late to switch careers. Your career counsellor can help you make a comprehensive career road map even after you finish your college education. A lot of students realise that they are stuck in the wrong subject combination in college and want to switch careers. However, they are unsure about taking such a drastic decision.  Methodical evaluation through questionnaires, discussions, standardised tests and assessments can help college students realise their interests, potential, and strengths. Career counselling allows you to get more clarity about different career options and what can be best for you.

Choosing The Right Career Counsellor

Choosing the right career guide is as important as choosing the right career path. At EDU-Wiki Career Counselling Centre in Delhi, we have made it our mission to make students aware of their fullest potential and steer them towards the right path. Our experienced counsellors can help students realise their true calling and guide them towards the right career path. Visit our website today to find out more.