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testimonial (aparna dixit )

After my BBA, I was really confused if I should gain work experience first or directly enroll to MBA. I was really confused as to what should I do. Counselors at EDU-Wiki really helped me to understand what was more beneficial for me. They explained to me how the job market works and what steps should I take. I was a little confused about my MBA Specialization too, they helped me clear that out also. It was a very good experience.

Aparna Dixit

How Edu-Wiki guides Students towards a Successful Career

How Edu-Wiki guides Students towards a Successful Career

Frequently Asked Questions

A lot of students make their undergraduate course choices on the basis of uninformed suggestions. Majorly, undergraduate course selection depends upon the stream that the child had in 12th class, vey less children have been able to choose a course cross-stream. Now that you have already done your under graduation, you shouldn’t restrict yourself to the same line of course if you find yourself unhappy in that course. Career counselling for undergraduate students can help you in finding to take the next step to a successful career.

A psychometric test is an AI based test created to find out your personality, interests and aptitude. It finds out your skills and abilities, so that the skills with low percentage can be worked upon. The test report will give you a bucket list of career options that you can choose further. With the accurate career report and an expert counsellor, you can find the most suitable career profile or the next step to be taken in your career.

This is the most thought question for students after their under graduation. This decision has to be taken considering a lot of parameters. Factors like your course scope, industry requirements, professional scenario, your profile and many more effect this decision. So, it always suggested that you take this decision after seeking professional advice.

Entering the job market can be overwhelming for students. A number of pre-requisites exist. An impressive resume, most suitable profile to apply for, interview facing, soft skills, language development are a few which are needed before you enter the job market. We can help you with everything you need here.